A short update about the state of the blog

You may have noticed that, despite my repeated promises to the contrary, articles have been very few and far between in recent weeks. To the few people reading this and the blog in general, I thought I should post a quick update about whats going on behind the scenes at Japanseikatsu HQ.

Regarding the lack of articles recently, I think the easiest explanation is that I have simply burned myself out. Writing up to three articles a week about “samey” topics has become stale to me. Going forward, I hope to be able to post more regular content again, but on a schedule of once a week. Instead, I hope to be able to promote the blog a bit more, getting more eyes on what I write would hopefully be a motivator again.

In the same vein, the “News” articles are going on an indefinite hiatus. Instead of posting weekly updates, I’ll simply post about it if something significant happens instead of forcing out an article even when nothing noteworthy has happened.

I am still new to the world of blogging and am mostly simply winging it. I hope that my few readers are not put off by the new direction and will stick with me until I find a style that suits me, as well as you lot (hopefully). Thanks for reading and take care!


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