News from Japan – Week 5

Once again, we have the news for you with commentary by yours truly (slightly delayed, if you have been paying attention).

As ever, the coronavirus is still going strong, unfortunately. Japan has put several prefectures under a state of emergency, to combat the surge in infections, but as the following article explains these measures have not been very effective up until now and it will probably still take some time before the infections numbers start going down.

JapanTimes – Read the full article here

In that same vein (also from the same outlet), Japan is still forging ahead with the Olympics. Originally supposed to be held in the summer of 2020, the games got instead delayed for one year until summer 2021. But thanks to the ineffectiveness in curbing the virus as described in the above article, it is looking like holding the games this year might not be the best idea either. The Japanese public tends to agree, as the following article points out. Personally, I think everybody should just agree to push back the Olympic schedule by four years, so we could have Tokyo 2024, Paris 2028, and so on. Would be a nice show of global solidarity, after suffering through a pandemic together, and isn’t that perfectly in line with the olympic spirit?

JapanTimes – Read the full article here

On the topic of solidarity, now might be a good time to point out that Japan still has no effective protections for LGBT people in place. Being LGBT in Japan is highly stigmatized and many people choose to repress their true selves as to not garner negative attention from the critical public. As the following article by Human Rights Watch points out, now would be a good time for the Japanese government to address this issue.

Human Rights Watch – Read the full article here

Finally (a short one this week), we have baseball news. I have to admit, I have absolutely no clue about baseball. But it’s a big sport (possibly still the biggest, although football is getting close) in Japan and other parts of the world, so theres bound to be people out there who are interested in this. Tanaka Masahiro is returning from playing in America, and will be throwing and batting balls on home soil again in the near future. The Japanese have a big interest in watching their talent thrive overseas, so I am sure that Tanaka is popular enough with the fans here.

Waco Tribune Herald – Read the full article here

That’s it from me for this week. I have to admit, I have not been paying as much attention to the news as of late. You can only read so many articles about the Coronavirus before you get slightly depressed. Let’s all hope that this Corona business will be over soon, and we can all go back to laughing at whacky Japanese music videos by Pico Taro. Until then, take care and have a good one.


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