News from Japan – Week 47

Another week has gone by already, somehow the passage of time feels weird recently. Some weeks are over in an instant, and others seem to just drag on and on. Anyways, it’s time for another round of news with commentary by yours truly. 

We start with news that kept the world buzzing in the past but had become rather quiet recently: the saga of Nissan vs. Carlos Ghosn. Nissan’s court case against Mr Ghosn has opened in his absence, with the company seeking damages of around $95 Million from their former Boss. Nissan says that their investigations have shown that Mr Ghosn intentionally committed serious misconduct. The former chairman maintains his innocence, issuing a statement from Lebanon that called the charges “fabricated”. It will be interesting to see how this case unfolds further. 

AP News -> Click here to read the full article

In last week’s article, I featured some news regarding Tokyo push towards becoming Asia’s new financial hub, as Hong Kong continues to face an uncertain future under Chinese rule. Tokyo’s Governor Yuriko Koike has personally made it one of her pet projects (although she has many of those), but there are still many hurdles facing companies looking to open branches in Japan, chief among which are low English fluency and the ever-present resistance to change. 

Yahoo! News -> Click here to read the full article

If you are bored at home due to Covid-19, then this one’s for you. If you have exhausted all other forms of online entertainment, why not give online Ninja training a go? A Ninjutsu trainer from Odawara has started offering online training sessions to experience what it was like to be a Ninja. Odawara is a city in Kanagawa prefecture that takes about 2 hours to reach by train from Tokyo and was once home to famous Fuma clan of Ninja. The experience will last for about 40 minutes, so if you’ve got nothing better do, why not get your throwing stars out and try doing your best Naruto impression.

PR Newswire -> Click here to read the full article

As has been the case across the globe, Coronavirus infections have been on the rise in Japan as well. Yesterday, over 2000 new cases were reported, setting a new record high for the country that has seen comparatively low infections numbers until now. Until now Tokyo had been the hotspot for infections, recording triple digits of daily infections while other cities and prefectures recorded low double digits. But that has changed since changed, with Osaka and Sapporo also regularly starting to see triple-digit numbers in new daily cases. As temperatures get colder and immune systems get weaker, Japan may soon find itself on the precipice of a new, unprecedented wave of infections. 

ABC News -> Click here to read the full article

And that’s it for this week. Next Monday is a national holiday here in Japan, so no new content until Tuesday. Let’s all hope that people will not go too crazy during a three-day weekend and spread the virus all over the country. I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and have a nice weekend of staying inside, watching online Ninja training and not getting infected.


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