This Week’s News Roundup – Week 42

Another week has passed by, so here we go with another round of articles that I found interesting this week. First up, we have some relevant news if you are looking to travel abroad from Japan or if you are looking to return after leaving earlier in the year. The government is allegedly looking to scrap the 14-day quarantine after entering the country. The quarantine was already pretty loose, you could spend the time at your house, and nobody would really check if you were probably quarantining or not, but the government is looking to exempt business travellers and citizens from even this requirement. Instead, you will have to submit a detailed plan of your movements after arriving into Japan, as well as information on your accommodation and workplace. The number of people who can enter the country via this new scheme will have a daily cap, so as to not overload airport staff with increased administration and inspection duties.

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Next, we have yet another article talking about the rising suicide rate. As far as I am aware, the rate has been steadily rising almost everywhere in the western world, and Japan often gets unfairly painted as the only country with a suicide problem when many countries all over the world are facing a similar issue. Nevertheless, suicide is an issue that modern society needs to tackle collectively. It is a fight that we are in together. 

BEFORE I post the article, if you are feeling depressed or lonely, please remember that you are not alone in this world. There are people everywhere that you can talk to. If you need support, please contact “tell lifeline”, they can offer support of many different varieties ->

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Next up, we have an article on the trials and tribulations of the new government around premier minister Suga. It’s a long article, but if you are interested in Japanese politics it is worth a read.

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In the same vein, the next article talks about Japan’s current and future security relationships, especially with the influence of nearby China growing stronger and stronger. Article 9 may prevent the country from joining NATO and other alliances like it, but the last PM wanted to change or abolish article 9 anyway, so who is to say the current one will not try the same.

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Lastly, we have some juicy gossip in that Japanese swimmer Seto Daiya has been suspended from competing for the rest of 2020 due to having an extramarital affair. Sure, cheaters are scum, but I am not sure whether having an affair should still have such implications on one’s livelihood in 2020. 

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Anyway, that’s it for this week. I hope you have a nice weekend and see you all next week. Take care.


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