This Week’s News Roundup – Week 41

We start of this week’s news roundup with a Russian helicopter apparently having entered into Japanese airspace, though presumably not with hostile intentions. Apparently, pictures taken show a yellow chopper with a red cross (so most likely some sort of ambulance) who left Japanese airspace shortly afterwards. 

Kyodo News

Next up, we have a summary of premier minister Sugas rise to power, and what part the media might have played in it by painting him as a hard-working boy from a farm in Akita who rose to the top through his own actions. For now, his approval ratings appear to be positive. But already people are starting to make fun of his non-existent English skills and his lack of experience in foreign policy, so it will be interesting to see whether he can establish himself for next year’s election. 

The Japan Times

Next up, we have a piece celebrating the anime classic “Akira”. As with most classics, this movie gets periodically rereleased in theaters around the world, so if you haven’t seen it already do yourself a favor and go watch it. I don’t particularly care for anime and even I liked it.


Japan appears to be looking to lift travel bans going forward. Starting next month, 12 countries are slated to be removed from the ban list, including Australia, China and Taiwan among others. The intention is to get the economy going again by allowing business trips, while still asking people to refrain from non-essential travel abroad.


Last up, we have a summary of the talks between members of the so called “quad”, a loose alliance between America, Japan, India and Australia to oppose Chinas growing influence in the region. US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, could predictably not help himself and also used the talks for aggressive posturing, as every member of the Trump administration seems want to do.

BBC News

I’ll leave you with this, for now, it has been a bit of a slow week. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, peace.


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